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Course Catalog & Schedule

8 Period Modified Block Schedule for 2021-2022

Over the last year and a half, we've been forced to adapt and try new things in order to navigate the challenges that Covid 19 brought.  In many ways, the pandemic has accelerated our learning and the change process in education.  One of the more significant changes we adapted to this year was the block schedule.  As the year progressed, many middle school teachers liked the 90-minute classes and expressed an interest in developing such a schedule for next year.  After much research, committee input, and collaboration, we decided to move forward with an 8 period modified block schedule for next year.  This schedule allows for teachers and students to get more in-depth in their learning and take on more project-based learning activities that both increase engagement and also challenge.  Additionally, the modified block schedule reduces transitions and increases learning time.   Here is what you need to know:

1) There will be four classes per day.
2) Students will have the same classes on Monday and Wednesday.  These classes will be 95 minutes long with a short activity break within each period.
3) Students will have the same classes on Tuesday and Thursday.  These classes will be 95 minutes long with a short activity break within each period.
3) On Friday, students will attend each of their core classes for 50 min.

Mock Student Schedule: 

Monday/Wednesday Tuesday/Thursday Friday
Period 1 - Math Period 1 - Social Studies (SS) Period 1 - Math
Period 2 - Science Period 2 - English Period 2 - Science
Lunch (30 minutes) Lunch (30 minutes) Period 3 - PE/Health
Advisory (30 minutes) Advisory (30 minutes) Lunch (30 minutes)
Period 3 - Elective Period 3 - Elective Period 4 - SS
Period 4 - PE/Health Period 4 - Plus (Reading/Math) Period 5 - English
    Period 6 - Plus (Reading/Math)

Our middle school staff constantly strives to improve learning and problem solving to prepare our students to navigate the future.  We are excited to offer more elective opportunities with some laying the foundation for high school courses that focus on post-secondary career opportunities.  In this schedule, all students get PE/Health including band students.  We also want to instill essential skills such as creative problem solving, communication, collaboration, critical analysis, citizenship, and character in these longer class periods.  Ultimately, this schedule helps us better accomplish our mission and vision in developing well-rounded students that are prepared for the future.