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Student Handbook


(full list of PSMS Policies found in the handbook above)

1. As per district policy, Pagosa Springs Middle School is a closed campus.  Students may not leave without being signed out by a parent. This starts at bus/parent drop off and continues until dismissal.

2. Students are not permitted in the halls during class periods or lunch unless they are accompanied by a teacher or have a written hall pass from an authorized staff member.
3. Students must maintain a hands-free environment. Personal body contact in the school building or on the school grounds is not allowed beyond holding hands.  This involves positive and negative contact.
4. Dress Code - In general, the 4 B’s should not be visible.
    1. All undergarments must be covered.
    2. Tops must have a two finger width strap and must cover undergarments.
    3. Shorts/pants must be worn at the waist and have a length no shorter than the thumb when arms are naturally extended at the student’s side.  This includes any holes in pants.
    4. All hoods must be down when in the school.
5. No drinks, except water, will be allowed in any classrooms, halls, library or lockers. Food, other than special meetings, will not be allowed in the classrooms. Lunch and breakfast must be eaten in the cafeteria or outside.

6. Students may not use personal cell phones during school hours, including lunch.  Phones must be turned off between 8:05 and 3:45. If a parent needs to get a message to their child you may call the office and the message will be relayed at lunch or the end of the day.  Students may use the office phone during lunch or with a pass.

7. Students are responsible for keeping their lockers locked and personal items accounted for.  The school is not responsible for lost/stolen personal items.
8. Students who bring electronic devices to school do so at their risk. The school district is not responsible for loss or theft of such items.  These items, like phones, must be turned off during the school day. Headphones/earbuds must not be worn throughout the day.

9. Hallway: Students are not allowed in the hallways before 8:05 and after 3:45 without proper supervision from school staff or coaches.  Students will not be allowed in the building after 3:45 p.m.

10. It is the policy of the Board to maintain classrooms in which student behavior does not interfere with the ability of the teacher to teach effectively or the ability of the other students to participate in classroom learning activities. Students should be able to attend school and classes as free as reasonably possible from unnecessary and unwarranted distraction and disruption. Any student who violates the code of conduct or other classroom rules may be subject to removal from the class and/or disciplinary action.